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Pamela A. Wood, PT, DPT

Co-founder, Hand-N-Hand Therapy, LLC Arlington VA

Pam is a '79 graduate of State University of New York at Buffalo and received her clinical doctorate from Utica College in 2015. Her greatest expertise is in the evaluation and treatment of lipedema, lymphedema and other complex medical clients. Pam enjoys the challenge of applying a creative approach with sound scientific principles to the art of physical therapy. Pam's most extensive clinical training is in functional capacity evaluation, manual therapy and lymphatic drainage techniques.


She received her Lymphedema certification, LLCC through the Upledger Institute and is a member of the Medical Reserve Corps of Arlington.  In spare time she acts as the managing member of the Wood Family LLC, a real estate holding company and has a passion for healthcare advocacy at both the State and Federal level.  She is a career long member of the APTA


In the early 2000s, she served on the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce Legislative Affairs committee where she helped to educate  key players in Richmond in the recognition of carpal tunnel syndrome as a covered  workplace injury in Virginia.  When not steeped in her advocacy, she loves to spend time tinkering with all sorts of home and yard repairs. And hopefully by 2022 she plans to spend more time in her   "SHE SHED".


Read the Washington Post Lymphatic Article highlighting some of her work: A Bone of Contention.

Pamela A. Wood, PT, DPT  Lymphatic Drainage Case Report

Read Pam's evidence-based practice blog here

diane stroud, PT, DPT Geriatic poster.jpg
Diane T. Stroud, PT, DPT, Certified Adv. Rolfer®

Co-founder, Hand-N-Hand Therapy, LLC Arlington VA


Diane is a '79 graduate of California State University at Fresno and a '17 graduate of Utica College with a clinical doctorate in physical therapy.  She is also a Certified Advanced Rolfer® and Rolf Movement® practitioner. She has spent the majority of her career studying healing, wholeness and wellness. Diane delights in providing a multidimensional approach for her clients and actively integrates her services with other healthcare practitioners.


Her most recent endeavor has been with her pursuit of dry needling as well as finding time to do a poster presentation at the 2017 VPTA conference.  Diane's most extensive clinical training has been in movement and myofascial techniques, but clearly has a depth of training in women's health, visceral manipulation, muscle energy, craniosacral and many other manual techniques.

On a personal note, she enjoys spending time doing photography, walking her wonderful furry companion and spending time at her mountain retreat.

Check out the Hand-N-Hand Blog,  written by Diane here!

Paula Levinson, PT, OCS, CLT-LANA

Paula retired at the end of November 2023.  We do have a referral list at Hand-N-Hand Therapy in the event you have difficulty finding appropriate lymphatic contacts. 

She has been instrumental in the world of lymphedema care and will be truly missed........

Paula Levinson, PT, OCS, CLT-LANA
Donna Olivero, PT, PRC at a PRI conference
Donna Olivero, PT, PRC
Donna is now in her own LLC & working alongside HNHPT.


Donna has over 31 years of clinical experience in a variety of healthcare settings. In the last several years, Donna has completed a certification process through the Postural Restoration Institute® that treats pain and dysfunction with a holistic treatment approach using multi-system integration. Postural Restoration has proven to be highly effective in giving patients the tools to align, stabilize and safely strengthen their bodies.

Her other manual skills include myofascial techniques, joint mobilization, as well as training through the Upledger Institute in craniosacral therapy and lymphatic drainage.


Donna's special interest is in the management of dysautonomia and the unique pain, hypermobility, and dysfunction associated with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS).


She has been married for over 31 years, has 3 grown children and some very fun, energetic grandchildren.

Michelle Kondracki, PT, DPT, CLT
Certified Lymphedema therapist

More to come about her lymphatic specialty.........

Susan Barr-Hunter, PT, GCS  Physical therapy profile pic
Susan Barr-Hunter, PT, DPT, GCS
Geriatric Clinical Specialist
Currently on a Leave of Absence  pursuing more studies in myofascial techniques.

Susan graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy and in 2018 received her clinical doctorate in physical therapy from Utica College.


Her depth of experience ranges from acute care and rehabilitation to home health and outpatient settings. Susan's focus and passion during her physical therapy career has been on the geriatric population and stroke rehabilitation, receiving her board certification as a Geriatric Clinical Specialist.

She is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, Virginia chapter and the Geriatric section.

Susan enjoys fitness activities such as refreshing hikes in the mountain with her husband and leisurely walks with the family dogs.

She will be taking a leave of absence from physical therapy services until Spring, at that time we will post her location for her practice.

Nizbooks bookkeeping pic
Lynne Niznik, Accounting

Lynne comes to Hand N Hand therapy bringing her free lance bookkeeping and accounting skills to keep our clinic running efficiently.  When not working with our books, she enjoys concerts and the occasional ride on her motorbike.

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