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For years I have had problems with my gait. Walking has not been the highly enjoyable activity it once was. One of the first things she noticed about me was that I was overemphasizing one of my legs. Soon thereafter she looked at my walking shoes. I knew that shoes are important, especially for someone like me who has difficulties walking, but I didn't really know how important.


Donna Olivero was wonderful in her treatment of me. I had spine, leg and knee issues. I have been to other physical therapists before and Donna was far superior to the others. She worked one-on-one with me, listened carefully to my concerns and issues, and tailor-made any needed adjustments to my therapy. I always felt like I was moving forward. Donna always gave me a reasonable amount of home work in between visits, so I was able to feel confident that I could accomplish those.

I had never heard of Postural Restoration and their certification process. I was fortunate that Donna was PRI certified because I significantly benefitted from her skills and knowledge of PRI. I would highly recommend Donna and Hand N' Hand Therapy.


She has a deep technical knowledge, is continuously learning new techniques, acutely listens to both the verbal and non verbal communication of her patients and has great intuition into the root cause of a problem. She looks at the human body as whole and treats not only symptoms but the root cause of a problem. She has an ability to listen to what I think I need from a PT session and balance that with what my body truly needs.


I had a badly pinched nerve in my lower back and was in so much pain that I needed crutches to get around. My doctor was skeptical about the benefits of physical therapy for my problem but wrote me the
prescription. From the beginning appointment I could feel some relief, and after a couple of weeks I no longer needed crutches. The simple, gentle exercises worked like a miracle. When I walked into my follow-up doctor's appointment he was so impressed he asked if I had changed churches!! Thanks, to all at Hand n Hand, for your kindness and caring.


No words can really express my appreciation for the expert care and courteous attention I have received at Hand N Hand Therapy. The other practices not only were limited in time but also in their ability to look at the whole picture, revise the plan, and include different approaches.


I am certain that I would not have made the progress if I hadn’t traveled the extra miles to meet and work with the wonderful staff at Hand N Hand.

—M.J.B., RN

Learning to deal with breast cancer has been one of the toughest assignments of my life...multiple doctors, diagnoses, missed diagnoses, multiple surgeries, chemo, radiation, 2nd and 3rd opinions, and lack of information about the many possible side effects. In short, it is a very frightening and lonely world in which you question and worry about everything you are feeling physically and emotionally. Enter Paula ... my guardian angel in therapist work clothes who educated me and treated my lymphedema and various other aches and pains due to treatment side effects. She, along with Pam, has been diligently working with me since late June of this year to make my life so much better and near "normal." We learned about lymphedema and its consequences because Paula was willing to take time out from her very busy schedule to teach one of the evening "Living With Breast Cancer" seminars sponsored by INOVA Fairfax Hospital. My husband and I knew we had to go to Hand N Hand ASAP to find out if the pain and swelling I was experiencing in my right arm was indeed lymphedema and not the general (but different) edema and overall discomfort which I was having from the chemo. Under Paula's compassionate and thorough care, I have been getting treatments for my lymphedema (which is now under control). And just as important to me, through their expertise in different kinds of therapy, both Paula and Pam have been helping me with the swelling and other muscle/joint aches and pains that comes with long-term use of chemo, radiation, herceptin and other drugs that are the front-line of battling breast cancer. Thanks so much to Paula and Pam, my new "best friends!


I broke my ankle, and after 9 weeks the ankle, foot, and toes were still noticeably swollen. There was also some aching and tingling. After one session of lymphatic drainage, all swelling in the ankle was gone, and the rest was greatly reduced. Almost all the other sensations were gone as well. It was a miracle!


Hand N Hand Therapy taught me how to focus, breathe, and move. Thank you!!


So I have "hope" for the first time in a long time and I think it's amazing that you use that word on your website.


My skill level has come back to pre-injury caliber and occasionally has even surpassed it. I am not yet 100% and have bad days but if I stick with my exercises I know I can get to a point where I can maintain a proper alignment and be pain free. I highly recommend Hand-N-Hand Therapy.

—P.M., Alexandria, VA

I was very fortunate the day Arlington Hospital had a three-week waiting list for lymphatic drainage massage. So it was suggested that I see Paula Levinson at Hand-N-Hand Therapy in Ballston. I was ill, but it was mostly undiagnosed and all I knew was that I needed this massage. Paula quickly educated me about Lymphedema and taught me how to bandage myself. Then, I was further fortunate to see Pam Wood, the co-owner of Hand-N-Hand, and trained in lymphatic drainage technique. Pam intuitively and intensively massaged my pitted edema and my "phantom" leg, a result of an above knee amputation. 

Both therapists are true professionals. They aren't satisfied until they've agreed in their own minds that they've solved the problem before them, which often means thinking about my problems after I've left my allotted session-a truly rare concept in medical practice today. 

Both therapists are superior examples of medical practitioner's as they are detail oriented, empathetic, compassionate, and driven beyond the basic tenets of what I have seen in my long, seven-year voyage around the world of medicine. 

I easily, and without hesitation, recommend Hand-N-Hand Therapy to anyone I know as they will be placed in the best care possible. 

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